Assaduzzaman Asad
Manager – Technical
Asad graduated from BIMT and commenced his career in 2015 and moved to Singapore 2016 joined in Semb Corp Marine before joining Hi-Tech as a Senior Engineer. Since joining Hi-Tech Asad has been responsible for engineering operations of Marine and Industrial business unit, and in October 2019, he was appointed as Manager-Technical.
Shamima Akhter Suma
Manager – Finance, Admin & HR
Suma began her career in the Hi-Tech Marine and industrial Engineering in 2018 as the Trainee Manager – Finance, Admin& HR. She has a Master of Business Administration (Banking & finance) from the Bangladesh National University. Since joining Hi-TechSuma has been responsible for Finance, Admin & HRoversight of this business unit, and in May 2019, she was appointed as Manager – Finance, Admin & HR.
Ariful Islam
Manager -IT
Islam has a Bachelor engineering from University Technology Malaysia (UTM). Islam has developed himself to an extremely versatile IT engineer, his experience over 2 years including IT Systems Infrastructure, IP networking/communications, security, software applications and people management. Islam joined Hi-Tech in a full-time position in 2019, after previously being in a contract position supporting the Company’s network environment since 2017.
Mozammel Hossain
Manager -Sales & Marketing
After studying BBA at the National University Bangladesh in 2012, Hossain began his career working in Jaya Holdings in Singapore. He then moved to Bangladesh in 2016. Hossain joined Hi-Tech in May 2016 as part of the Business Development team and as aManager – Sales & Marketing.